Home Sweet Home: 150th Pardon Anniversary Reunion June 28-29, 2019


We are excited to announce that the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Society will be hosting a reunion celebration for the 150th anniversary of the pardon of Dr. Mudd. On Friday June 28, descendants of Dr. Mudd are invited to register for a private reunion ceremony that begins at one and runs into the evening. The event will include speeches by local politicians, historians, tours of the house, a reenactment of Dr. Mudd’s return to the farm, and a play entitled “My Dearest Darling: the Letters of Dr. and Mrs. Mudd.” The evening will be culminated by a catered dinner. Everyone must pre-register and pay for their dinner prior to the event. If you are a descendant and are interested, please contact us at muddnews@gmail.com and we will send you instructions to register.

Saturday, June 29, the House will be open like a traditional Saturday for the family, as well as the public. We will run a schedule of special events that include the play, the reenactment, as well as having both Union and Confederate reenactors interpret the life of the Civil War soldier, and much more!

This is shaping up to be a once in a lifetime experience! Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Please email us at muddnews@gmail.com with questions!

We hope to see you in June!


1 thought on “Home Sweet Home: 150th Pardon Anniversary Reunion June 28-29, 2019”

  1. Excellent announcement re the 150th! And it looks like we’ll have good attendance for the Friday event. I hope Fred Hatch will attend.


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