5/27/23 Walking Tour “Use All Efforts to Secure Him”: Tracking Lincoln’s Killer at St. Catharine

We are happy to announce the return of our popular guided walking tour of the historic route that John Wilkes Booth and David Herold used to enter the Zekiah Swamp! Join use at 1 pm on May 27, 2023 for “Use All Efforts to Secure Him.” The tour uses primary source accounts to retrace the footsteps of Booth and Herold as they exited the Mudd property on the night of April 15th and examines many of the controversies surrounding those events. The tour also details the events that occurred on the farm in the days that followed, as well the Federal manhunt for Lincoln’s killers.

This unique guided walking tour takes you to places rarely visited on the Mudd farm, including the banks of the Zekiah Swamp. The walk will last about 2 hours in length and covers approximately 1 mile of rolling (there are several hills to negotiate) countryside. Proper hiking footwear and attire is recommended, as well as bringing a supply of water.

The walking tour is designed as an add-on to the main house tour. This walking tour begins where the house tour ends. It is recommended, but not required, that visitors take the house tour to have a background regarding the information that will be covered in the walking tour. The house tour can last up to 2 hours in length, so please plan accordingly.

The walking tour is included in the regular admission price to the museum.

You must pay prior to the beginning of the tour.

The tour begins in the front yard of the house at 1 pm, please be prompt.