Virtual Tour

Here is your chance to visit the Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House museum virtually! We are excited to offer a virtual tour of the museum that you can access from your home PC, cell phone, or tablet. For the most immersive experience, try using a Virtual Reality headset and your cell phone!

Please be sure to click on the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner and turn “narration on” so you can hear the introduction. Each room can be viewed in 360 degrees, so please be sure to “look around.” Click on the hot spot symbols to learn more about selected artifacts. Move from room to room by clicking the left and right arrows on the bottom of the screen. We hope you enjoy the museum!

Below is a screen shot of important features that you will use as you engage in the tour:

Instructions full

We have created a scavenger hunt to accompany the tour. This is the perfect way to engage students as they “move” through the house. Teachers can use this to front-load information for for field trips, parents can use it to give their children goals for the tour, and curious historians can use it to add to their understanding of the museum! You can access the file by clicking here.

Ready to take the tour? Click on the picture below to begin!

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